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A new cooperative way to create content and get paid

SuperHi Plus is a brand new model of co-ownership, with funding, support and creator-led tools, to help you kickstart your content and get paid.

Funding up to$12,000

Program12 weeks


For creators, by creators

Currently, creators face an all-or-nothing decision. Either do everything by yourself with all the risks and no guarantee of success, or by joining a platform and play to their rules.

SuperHi Plus is a brand new model of co-ownership for creators combining the best of existing content creation models, while reducing the downsides.

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    Funding and revenue

    Receive between $6,000 and $12,000 funding to kickstart your content without risk or repayment, keep 80-90% ownership and start making money.

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    Creator-focused support

    With our 12-week program you will never walk alone. We support you and nine other creators with tailored guidance, resources, and collaborative sessions.

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    Creator-led tools

    We’ve developed flexible, open tools that don’t lock into a single platform, for you to succeed.

Who we’re looking for

Do you have ideas for content? We want to hear about it! Until now, SuperHi has specifically featured creative education courses, but your content doesn’t need to be educational or course-based. We are opening up content formats and encourage anything experimental. You do you, as long as it roughly fits with being...

  • Creative-focused

    The SuperHi audience is spread across the globe and comprises people who work, or want to work, in creative fields. The thing that unites them is a love of making things.

  • Web-based

    We love the internet. We’re focusing on web-based formats, so video, audio, text, interactive websites, or something brand new — anything a web browser can deliver.

  • Asynchronously delivered

    No live sessions or Zoom classes (for now), so we can help you iterate and improve your content, plus widen its accessibility.

We’re looking for the weird and the wonderful — no topic or format would be considered too experimental.

Beyond current models

With SuperHi Plus, we are knocking down the walls of the SuperHi platform. You will keep ownership and agency over your content, brand, community, and earnings.

The do-it-yourself model

e.g. Patreon, Gumroad, Teachable or create your own

  • Risking your time and money

  • No support system to help and guide you

  • No in-built audience

The join-a-platform model

e.g. Udemy, Substack, Skillshare

  • No initial funding or an advance to pay back

  • Locked into their platform

  • Harder to build your own brand

SuperHi Plus

Funding, support, and tools

  • Clear, up-front funding with no need to pay back to support you

  • Direct support from experts who’ve made successful content

  • Own and control your content, branding, and distribution

Explore SuperHi Plus

Your ownership + our funding

We aim to build a space where creators make sustainable incomes with their content. To kickstart and allow creators to focus on making the best content possible, we’re offering between US$6,000 to $12,000 without risk or repayment in return for 10–20% ownership.

You can make revenue through two main channels — direct sales and as part of shared access cards, such as SuperHi membership, where your revenue is based on the level of engagement your content receives across the creators.

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Ownership split

Your ownership split is shared between all the owners of the content based on the percentage that they own.

Content ownership will be recorded on a blockchain to allow for an independently auditable way to view who owns what, along with tamper-proof records of ownership changes.


Platform split

This is a 15% split of incoming revenue, which will go to anything that is integral to running the SuperHi platform. Such as paying staff, payment processing and hosting fees, as well as helping the ecosystem get continually better.


Finder’s fee

To incentivize the whole community, we are giving a 5% split towards a finder’s fee – think of this a little like a reward that goes towards whoever helped promote or support the content you produce.

A more aligned revenue stream

With this co-ownership model, we aim to align incentives for creators, members, and the SuperHi platform.

  • For creators, SuperHi Plus de-risks making content by offering funding, support, and tools while they retain actual ownership and control.
  • Members will receive more diverse, high-quality content, knowing that creators are paid fairly.
  • For SuperHi, we want to help and support the most talented and emerging creators on the internet.

It’s in everyone’s interest to make high-quality creative content that people love. When you do well, we do well.

Your support system

Creating content can be an intense experience, from finding the right tools to keeping your audience happy. We’ve been there. That’s why with us, you won’t walk alone.

Your 12-week accelerator

Each cohort will support ten content creators, from idea to launch. The program will be tailored to your individual needs and your preferred content type:

Week 1 through Week 4:Research, planning, and training

During the first four weeks, you’ll work on researching and creating an outline for your content.

By the end of this phase, you’ll have your first piece of content ready to test, and your course outline completed, peer-reviewed, and celebrated.

Week 5 through Week 8:Content production: round one

In this round, you’ll work on creating content and delivering the first parts on a rolling basis.

Think writing scripts or creating assets, and planning your first release including marketing materials. Outcomes of this month will differ per creator.

Week 9 through Week 12:Content production: round two

During the final month, you’ll refine your production process and prepare for launch.

This is your opportunity to make adjustments based on feedback. You’ll continue producing content and iterate. Get ready for launch and celebrate!

Tailored guidance

Alongside your peers, you’ll be guided by your SuperHi mentors. From production and community management, to upgrading your brand, they will guide you through the program with 1:1 check-ins, workshops, events, and feedback sessions.

Paras Memon

Learning Design Lead

Paras is passionate about creative technology and accessible education. With a background in design and online learning, Par supports creators in building educational content and will be your first point of contact during SuperHi Plus.

Louise Bishop

Learning Design Lead

Louise loves people as much as she loves tech and education. Over the last eight years, she's taught thousands of people to code, in person and online. Louise will use this expertise to help you create your learning experience and maximize student engagement.

Rik Lomas


Rik is the founder and CEO of SuperHi, who has taught and created content for thousands of people across many disciplines and media. As part of SuperHi Plus, he will be working closely with creators to frame and improve their ideas to appeal to a wide audience.

Navya Dev

Head of Strategy

Navya is a strategy, people operations, and product lead. She focuses on expanding pathways for diverse communities to access online education. Navya supports creators’ learning experience development by advising on accessibility, equity, and inclusivity.

Ryan Smith

Head of Technical Research

Ryan's worked across many technical languages as a programmer of 20 years. During his 5+ years at SuperHi, he’s worked with internal and external creators on technical course and article production, and helped support thousands of students.

Panna Nyeste

Art Director

Panna is driven by concept-led design and applying that strategically to meaningful projects. Panna works across design and marketing at SuperHi. She will support you in making sure that your learning experience fits seamlessly into SuperHi’s universe of content.

Robyn Dooley


Robyn is a strategist who has a background in content, learning design, and marketing. She cares about building creative ecosystems that empower people. She will work with you to align your vision and goals with learning experiences you create.

Kali Block-Steele

Project Manager

Kali works across Strategy and DEI teams. She cares about person-focused support and cultivating an environment where everyone is safe, seen, and uplifted. Kali will work with you as you plan your learning experience and launch it into the world!

Access SuperHi’s community

What’s a show without an audience? By launching on the SuperHi platform you’ll be able to reach up to 50k+ community members right from the start.

SuperHi is a global online education platform giving creatives and the curious the tools, mentorship, and financial support to get ahead in their careers. We’re backed by some of the world’s top VCs such as Framework, Designer Fund, Torch Capital, Expa, and Reach Capital, plus some of the world’s best angel investors.

With over 50,000 community members across 85 countries, SuperHi has delivered content to teams at some of the best companies in the world, large and small, as well to many smaller companies and freelancers.

The tools you need to succeed

What if there could be a radically different way to host your own digital content without being locked into one platform?

Our new tools are based on current SuperHi technology, which now hosts over 14 million files for hundreds of thousands of websites and will be available for all. The tools are built on top of standardized, open-source developer tools, such as Git and blockchains. This allows creators to control how they present their content.

  • No lock-in

    It’s your content, not the platforms! Tools built using distributed and decentralized methodologies mean that the content you make isn’t dependent on us to live and can run without the platform.

  • Collaboration, not competition

    Our access card infrastructure makes it easy for creators to make wholly different revenue models that don’t exist currently. Want to create a community access card that shares revenue transparently between your friends? Now it’s possible.

  • Your brand, not ours

    More Myspace, less Facebook. How people experience your content will likely be unique to you. With our tools, you have complete control over all parts of your content delivery, from logos to layout.

  • Wider distribution

    The access cards are built on top of NFT technology, which allows you to trade them on other platforms, import existing projects, or move your data away at any point. If you don’t love the SuperHi way, you’re not stuck with us.

  • Code or no-code

    Create while using tools that you feel comfortable with. If you’d prefer to code your own way, for example with React or Vue, our tools will support a range of front-end tooling. Not a coder? No worries! Our tools make it easy to distribute your content in your unique style.

Interested in using our tools for your content? Sign up for updates!

“Imagine where content creators could be with proper funding, access to high-quality educational support, a ready-made audience, and a team that wins when you do. We want to be the support team that I never had when starting SuperHi.”

— Rik Lomas, SuperHi founder + CEO, read the full interview

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

SuperHi Plus is dedicated to improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. We work towards this by providing equal opportunities and prioritizing accessibility.

Throughout the program cohort, while collaborating with peers, interacting with community members, and in creating content, following our code of conduct is key. This commitment is critical for us and in the relationships we build. Read more about how we’re thinking about diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice,