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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

SuperHi Plus is dedicated to maintaining and improving a high standard of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. We continuously work on this with our Diversity + Inclusivity team, consisting of members specialized in various topics ranging from accessibility, and equal opportunities to bias prevention. This is what you can expect from us:

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Preventing selection bias is one of our most serious and delicate tasks; we judge applications by content and not by form or delivery. That’s why each application will not only be reviewed by our Learning Design Leads, but also cross-reviewed by members of our independent Diversity + Inclusivity team. In addition, during the interview calls, a D&I member will be present to provide an additional point of view.

During the cohort

A sense of belonging and safety in the cohort is a must. We’ll hold all of our cohort participants accountable to follow our code of conduct, so you can create your best work in a supportive environment. We’ll also guide you with resources to help you create content that is accessible and inclusive. Bias is in the eye of the beholder and we like to remind ourselves that we can never filter content with 100% accuracy. That’s why we give our students the opportunity to flag any content that they consider harmful, inaccessible, or inappropriate. We will review and adjust with the creator, in order to provide the best content for everyone. If we, or the community, notice that there are repeat offenses by a creator, we will take appropriate measures, with potential removal of the creator from the program.

You plus the community

Our community is at the core of the SuperHi Plus program and you’ll often interact with community members. Just like cohort peers, our community members are expected to follow our code of conduct. While SuperHi staff actively monitors and participates in the community, we can’t catch everything. To protect both creators and community members, we encourage both to directly notify us, so we can catch inappropriate behavior and act accordingly early on.